International collaboration

International collaboration

  1. Society of Pediatrics from Rumania
  2. Society of Pediatrics from Ukraine
  3. University of medicine from Leipzig, Germany
  4. Federation of Pediatricians from ISC countries
  5. Institute Moldova-Leipzig, Germany

The file of international project, year 2010

The naming of project: “Correlations between echorigidity of caudal lobe and another lobes of liver through elastography in real time, with involvements in hepatic transplant”.

The term of realization: 2010-2012

The chief of project: Ludmila Bologa, assistant professor

The accomplishers of project; L. Cerempei, PhD Med., professor, N. Revenco, PhD Med., professor.

The general objective of this project is the elaboration of some strategy of development and operational support of evaluation and investigation of hepatic tissue in children with or without pathologic affections (respectively caudal lobe comparatively with another lobes of liver) in partnership with the team from State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tirgu-Muresh, Rumania, and to create and develop a base of common research in the domain of innovative techniques of ultrasonography in children with involvements in hepatic transplant. In this way, the Rumanian infrastructures of research collaborate, are implicating and interact with Moldavian infrastructures and their users. This will optimize the functioning and development of research infrastructures, will improve the services putted at the disposition of researchers and will optimize the quality of medical services addressed to population.

The Moldo-German project “The genetic and environmental factors in the case of bronchial asthma in Moldova and Germany”. There was spread out a new very essential project – in the limits of Moldo-German project “The genetic and environmental factors in bronchial asthma evolution in children in Moldova and Germany”, there are investigated 1000 children, in which the essential genetic elements in population and in patients with bronchial asthma were established.

The Moldo-German project DAAD “CuMoRheM”, project of implementation of National Register of rheumatic diseases in children, modernization of rheumatology curriculum in common with Institute Moldova-Leipzig, Germany.

The term of accomplishment: 2011-2014.