A brief history

The Department of Pediatrics was founded on 01.07.2011 through the merging of chairs and courses of Pediatrics. Ninel Revenco, PhD, professor, was appointed the Head of the Department of Pediatrics.

The essential data of Pediatrics in Republic of Moldova.   The chair of Pediatrics Faculty of General Medicine was founded in October 1945 by V. Staricovici, PhD in medicine, professor, which had leaded it till 1958.

Ulterior the conducting of Pediatrics-semeiology chair was ensured successively by A. Miloserdov – 1958-1959; prof. T. Chiticari – 1959-1989; prof. M. Smishnoi – 1989-1996; prof. E. Stasii – 1996-2007; associated professor A. Holban – 2007-2011.

The Faculty of Pediatrics was founded in 1954. The following professors were the Heads of the Faculty in different periods: V. Halitov, G. Rudi, E. Gladun, V. Tzurcan, E. Gudumac, E. Popushoi.  Over the years more reorganizations of discipline Pediatrics were performed and new chairs, reflecting their objectives and principles conformable to the period, were founded. The chair of Pediatrics nr.1 was founded and conducted by assistant professor M. Curbatov in 1958-1960.

In the further years the following people were in the head of chair: assistant professor P. Sosnova (1960-1973), professor V. Erencov (1973-1988), professor M. Rudi (1988-2011).

The chair of Pediatrics nr.2 was organized in 1986 and conducted by professor V. Ghetseul (1986-1997),  ulterior the chair was conducted by professor T. Rusnac (1997-2002), professor V. Turea (2002-2011).

The chair of Pediatrics nr.3 was founded in 1988, the head of chair being PhD, professor V. Cenusa.

The course of Pediatrics of Continuing Training Center was founded in 1963, in 1963-1970 the course was conducted by doctor in medicine E. Certcova (disciple of prof. V. Staricovici), which was succeeded by the following heads of chair: 1971-1981 associated prof. S. Lazarev; 1082-1991 associated prof. E. Baranova, 1992-1995 associated prof. I. Sheremet; 1996-2006 professor P. Mogoreanu.

The chair of Neonatology was founded in 1996 and conducted by prof. P. Stratulat in 2006-2011 and renamed in chair of Pediatrics and Neonatology of Continuing Training Center. The chair of Pediatrics for family doctors residents was founded by professor S. Sciuca.

The didactic process includes the university training of students; the postgraduate training in residency at specialties: pediatrics, neonatology, neuropediatrics, clinical internship, continuing medical training of physicians. The clinical bases of the Department of Pediatrics are: the public health municipal institution of Mother and Child care, the municipal clinical hospital “V. Ignatenco”, republican clinical children’s hospital “Em. Cotaga”, municipal clinical children’s hospital nr.1.

7 PhD theses, over 45 theses of doctor in medicine were prepared and defended at the Department of Pediatrics. The Department of Pediatrics organizes the congresses of Pediatricians and Neonatologists of RM, national and international conferences in Neonatology, Pediatrics and Neuropediatrics.